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Dana Ruth Allison grew up in the Corpus Christi, Texas, area and discovered her love of horses early. She's been riding since childhood. As Dana moved around as a young adult her horses moved too -- from Corpus to Georgetown where she graduated summa cum laude from Southwestern University, to Austin where she taught school and worked in the computer industry, to San Francisco where she worked for Intel, and finally back to Texas.

Dana acquired the farm in June of 1996 and renamed it Farasi Farm. Farasi is the Swahili word for horse. She's made great improvements to the horse farm over the years with more planned. She lives at Farasi Farm with her two children, Allison and Jason, seven dogs, many cats and her own horses. Also living at the farm are on-site managers Manuela and Leonardo Correa, their two children, Adrian and Eduardo, and their two dogs.

Allison Lester, Dana's daughter, is her oldest child. Allison is an avid horseman and has won awards in competitions.

Jason Lester is Dana's son. Jason's an enthusiastic outdoorsman and shows a marked talent for designing and building.

Joan Allison, Dana's mother is an accomplished pianist who teaches at Del Mar College. Joan also judges competitions and teaches in Switzerland each summer.

A trial lawyer in The Allison Law Firm, Dana is the first and only female attorney inducted into the International Society of Barristers, an international honors organization of trial lawyers recognized for their excellence. Guy Allison, Dana's father is a renowned trial lawyer and her partner in the firm.

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